Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Special of Soy

Do you in this world beside cow’s milk, soy milk also called as soybean milk also brings a lot benefits with a great taste. It was made by soaking dry soybeans with water which contain about the same proportion of protein as cow’s milk. Instead of drinking, it also can be made into Tofu (a kind of Chinese food) which looks like jelly. The smoothness was depend on how well the soaking process done. Just like cow’s milk, soy milk contains calcium which bound to the bean’s pulp. Besides it also contain sucrose which can breaks down into glucose to be digest so it can safely replace breast milk for babies. People also believe drink soy milk also good for skin which helps repair skin cells making it smooth. By the way, as times pass the ways enjoy soy milk has increased. Usually soy milk mix with cane sugar to bring out it taste, now some even mix with chocolate favor according to personal taste.

Keeping Our Eyes Healthy Is Important.

Try to think, can we see or do anything or activity if we without our both eyes? For sure, it is thoroughly can not. We can not be treated as a normal person if we without our both eyes. So, how the eyes play the main role in our whole life is! That’s why we suppose to keep our eyes in healthy condition always. Then, you or even I are required to follow the following simple steps to make us having good eyesight often. - Habits of a good eyesight - Have an eye exam frequently - Protect eyes from the Sun - UV eyes safety - Get your toddler to wear sunglasses I may try the simple steps to hope that I can have a good eyesight everyday. Just try it by yourself too, to let you see everything is clear and without any obstacles!

From http://vision.about.com/od/eyeexaminations/u/Eye_Health.htm

How To Take Care Your Hair?

We have about 100,000 hairs on our head. Each hair shaft has three layers, with cuticle, or outside layer, protecting the two inner layers. Do you know this? I may not only try to talk about this thing, but my main aim is to make you all realizing that the best way to protect and take care of your hair. By this reading, I think it can give you and me a big deal to cope off the hair falling and make your hair to be shiny always. Actually, how to take care to your hair depends on the type of the hair you have, your lifestyle and how you style your hair. If you with dry or curly hair, there have different hair care needs than people with straight hair. But all hair needs to be treated gently, especially when it’s wet. Wet hair can be stretch, making it more vulnerable to breakage or cuticle damage. That why using a hot blow-dryer on every wet hair can damage it. If your hair is dry and curly, you are advised that do not to wash your hair frequently or less frequently. Curly and dry hair usually more fragile than straight hair, so you shall be more careful using heat styling products. Shampoos made for dry and curly hair and the hair conditioners can help. Don’t think that your lifestyle may not influence your hair. Are you preferred for sporting or doing outdoor activities? Then, you are supposed to be more concern to your hair’s health. Often exposure to sun, wind, or other element which may directly affect your hair. A good idea from me is that to wear a hat when you are going to do your outdoor activities. As an adolescence, I think you might be preferred to style your hair by many types of styling products or even iron the hair from curly to become straight or vice versa. In fact, this totally harms your hair. For my advice, do not use too much of the heat styling products and chemical treatments. Follow the instructions and don’t use them on wet hair or high setting. Give your hair a vacation from styling once in a while. Ask your hair stylist or dermatologist for advice on using heat styling products. From kidshealth.org/teen/your_body/take_care/hair_care.html

A Box Full of Kisses

'A Box Full of Kisses' is a short story that I read from an article. It is about a story is write about a father and a 3-year-old daughter story. The daughter was tried to wrap a box with a roll of gold wrapping paper. The father became infuriated when his daughter tried to decorate the box under a Christmas tree. The next morning, his daughter brings the present to him and he was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found out the box was empty. His daughter cried and told him that the present is not empty but she had blew kisses into the box just fro her daddy. He was crushed and apologizes to his daughter. Only a short time later, an accident took the life of his daughter. It is also told that her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.
As a conclusion, we should not be materialistic and we must care about others feeling. The most important of a present given is not the things inside but is the meaning and the sincerity of the present.

Looking forward

Recently, I watched a drama. The story is about a man attended a wedding of the girl he loved, but unfortunately he was not the bridegroom. He felt so regret about the thing that he haven’t done before. So, he was given chances to go back to the past. After few times trying to change the future, he failed. He realized that something was destined to happen, no matter how hard you try, the ending is still the same. So finally, he decided to accept the truth with an open heart.
As a conclusion, the pass thing can never be correct so we must learn through mistake and looking forward so that we will never repeat the same things again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Travel As A Part Of Education

'Education' in the broad sense is the drawing out of the individual's personality and intellectual ability, and travel has always been considered an important part of this process. Yet, the functions assigned as part of education have varied curiously.
At past time, the motives behind travel were exploration, military conquest leading to ownership of foreign territories, trade and commerce, and diplomacy. For example, Clive of India, Sir Stamford Raffles of Singapore, are among the great names associated with the old- fashioned object of travel- colonization and, in the opinion of some people, ‘exploitation’.
Also, early travelers considered themselves teachers-of an outlook, a religion, and a way of life, which they assumed was superior to what they found, just because in certain respects, it was more materially advanced.
Today, distance means little in terms of time. The European executive will soon be able to make the journey to the U.S.A. within the day. The jet plane, the fast car, the ship, and railway have made travel for diplomatic, business or military reasons virtually an immediate thing. It becomes a function spread throughout the community.
Few travel primarily to gain education, but education, though incidental is the inevitable result.
As a conclusion, i think travels teach climatic conditions, racial customs, religions, languages and the social and political outlooks of other nationalities. It helps in racial and national understanding through exchange of idea which provides interesting conversation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compare & Contrast

About my Window Movie Maker,i had compared about Windows Vista and Windows Xp. And of course,it will have similarity and also differences.

First of all,the similarity is both of them are made by the company of Microsoft. Basically they have the same function as a built-in computer software which provide the users of computer a similar usage.Secondly,about the media player,we can play the songs using the same program in these two Windows. About the file management is equally the same as in both Windows. Then the web browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox also can be used in both Windows. Next, about word typing, Microsoft office can be apply and install in both Windows Vista and Windows Xp.Moreover, even though Windows Vista is a newer product than Windows Xp,but it would not make the computer users feel difficult on handling the applications in the Windows Vista. This is because the method of handling Windows Vista is same as the way we handle Windows XP. We just need to understand the language that had been set to the computer then we can access the computer already. About the shortcut,for example, the action of ' Click and drag ' is to move or copy the file to a folder. Then when we use 'Ctrl + X' is when we going to cut the file, 'Ctrl + C' means we are going to copy the file and the 'Ctrl + V' is to paste the file again.

Besides that,we compare about the sound of startup tone n shutdown tone of the windows. It's different and have their own specialty. We can difference it by just hear to the sound. And the display properties also have a big differences between Windows Vista and Windows Xp. Windows Vista have a nice crystallize view but the Windows Xp is just a simple curve rectangle.About the icon also,Windows Xp is just have the start menu with the rectangle 'START'.But then Windows Vista have it own new logo at the start menu there.Finger print can be used by Windows Vista but not in Windows Xp.Lastly we compare about which type of users will choose which type of windows. About Windows Vista,it used by those user that want to present their work.This is because Windows Vista have better view than Windows Xp.But Windows Xp will be choose by those who want their computer to perform at high speed to play game or even want to do programming. It is because the usage of RAM by Windows Xp is much smaller then Windows Vista. It can let the computer system running smoothly without lag.

To put it in a nut shell,i personally think that both Windows have their own specialty to compare. And myself also using two type of it now,means it is no better among these two Windows.