Thursday, February 12, 2009

Compare & Contrast

About my Window Movie Maker,i had compared about Windows Vista and Windows Xp. And of course,it will have similarity and also differences.

First of all,the similarity is both of them are made by the company of Microsoft. Basically they have the same function as a built-in computer software which provide the users of computer a similar usage.Secondly,about the media player,we can play the songs using the same program in these two Windows. About the file management is equally the same as in both Windows. Then the web browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox also can be used in both Windows. Next, about word typing, Microsoft office can be apply and install in both Windows Vista and Windows Xp.Moreover, even though Windows Vista is a newer product than Windows Xp,but it would not make the computer users feel difficult on handling the applications in the Windows Vista. This is because the method of handling Windows Vista is same as the way we handle Windows XP. We just need to understand the language that had been set to the computer then we can access the computer already. About the shortcut,for example, the action of ' Click and drag ' is to move or copy the file to a folder. Then when we use 'Ctrl + X' is when we going to cut the file, 'Ctrl + C' means we are going to copy the file and the 'Ctrl + V' is to paste the file again.

Besides that,we compare about the sound of startup tone n shutdown tone of the windows. It's different and have their own specialty. We can difference it by just hear to the sound. And the display properties also have a big differences between Windows Vista and Windows Xp. Windows Vista have a nice crystallize view but the Windows Xp is just a simple curve rectangle.About the icon also,Windows Xp is just have the start menu with the rectangle 'START'.But then Windows Vista have it own new logo at the start menu there.Finger print can be used by Windows Vista but not in Windows Xp.Lastly we compare about which type of users will choose which type of windows. About Windows Vista,it used by those user that want to present their work.This is because Windows Vista have better view than Windows Xp.But Windows Xp will be choose by those who want their computer to perform at high speed to play game or even want to do programming. It is because the usage of RAM by Windows Xp is much smaller then Windows Vista. It can let the computer system running smoothly without lag.

To put it in a nut shell,i personally think that both Windows have their own specialty to compare. And myself also using two type of it now,means it is no better among these two Windows.